Past & Present


In 2000, having origins from the Stanford University Photonics Research Center, Luxcore recruited and brought together a team of talented research scientists in materials science with a group of highly experienced telecommunications equipment engineers from Bell Labs, Nortel and Tellabs. With $10 million dollars in startup venture capital financing, Luxcore set out to develop and demonstrate what critics said was impossible. 2001, Luxcore introduced the LambdaRouterTM – an integrated switching, routing and transport system based on a fundamentally new type of proprietary semiconductor microprocessor chip technology that switched wavelengths of light or photons without electronic conversions. As an alternative to silicon, we used Indium Phosphide (InP) as our primary semiconductor material of choice. First introduced in 2001 at the Optical Fiber Conference, Anaheim, California, with live demonstrations using leased network connectivity to the show floor, we announced engineering and testing collaborations with WorldCom, Williams Communications and Global Crossing. Luxcore was awarded the global exhibition and conference program’s top awards. In 2005, Luxcore Founder and Chief Executive Officer Gerald Ramdeen and Empire Capital Management acquired Jedai Broadband Networks, Inc. (now Jedai Networks, Inc.). Headquartered in Red Bank, New Jersey, Jedai is a provider of intelligent Internet Protocol optical access solutions. Jedai developed carrier-class Ethernet access switches and routers that enable cable operators in the US and Europe to deploy high-value integrated voice, data and video services to businesses over their existing fiber infrastructure. Through the acquisition, Luxcore obtained a substantial and important, complimentary Intellectual Property asset base including advanced semiconductor device control. Jedai customers included AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Time Warner Cable, Comcast and post-acquisition we have worked in the engineering labs of Cox Communications.

And Now

Building upon our prior success, historical capitalization in excess of $100M USD1 and strategic quasi public /private business partnerships abroad in the Gulf Cooperation Counsel (GCC) Middle East and thinking about the future of cloud, social, big data and mobility, we are now on our 2nd generation microprocessor chip. It delivers an even more advanced integrated circuit that will forever change the future of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile wireless devices for generations to come delivering unprecedented processing capability beyond the limitations of silicon, extended battery life and flexible /bendable, high resolution screens. Luxcore has developed Intellectual Property in the areas of:

  1. Advanced semiconductor device design
  2. Advanced semiconductor device control
  3. Adaptability of Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) manufacturing processes to non-silicon semiconductor devices

1 Since 2000, Luxcore Networks, Luxcore Optronics, Jedai Broadband Networks and Jedai Networks has raised in excess of $100M USD from venture capital and private equity investors including, but not limited to Timberline /Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Metropolis Venture Partners, Empire Capital Management, LV Equity II /Millennium Equity I, OpNet (Gabelli Asset Management), Spencer Trask, Intel Capital, Ciena Corporation, and Deutsche Bank.