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Bringing the Internet to Light

The current Global Fixed-Line Fiber Optic Infrastructure that forms the physical core of today’s internet does not have enough usable capacity to handle the ubiquitous deployment of 5G.

The Enormous Problem

The existing glass fibers connecting the main internet exchange connection points are currently unable to transport the daily 175 zettabyte data demand from the estimated 50 billion IOT devices due to come online by 2025.


Significantly delays business services, strategies, & applications that rely on 5G deployment.


Requires more than $1 Trillion in Infrastructure investment (.over $700 billion between the US & Western Europe alone ) in order to deploy true 5G.

Our Solution

Luxcore’s Optical Internetworking Technologies enable 5G deployment using existing global fixed-line fiber-optic infrastructure, thus reducing the buildout cost to achieve ubiquitous 5G by hundreds of billions of dollars and becoming the new global internet backbone to support a “Digitally-Connected Global Economy.”

Luxcore’s solution is made possible by the company’s proprietary Hyperscale LambdaRouter™ which consists of:

Revenue from a Disruptive Business Model

“Infrastructure-as-a-Service” Recurring Subscription Fees and Variable $/Mb $/Gb “Pay-Per-Use” Fees.

Luxcore generates revenues from the global deployment of its proprietary Digital Platform Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) – Subscription Fees and Variable $/Mb, $/GB“Pay-Per-Use” Revenues.

Infrastructure Services:

Data Compute, Data Storage, Data Transport.

Core Team

“The LambdaXchange™️”

The world’s first and fastest “all-optical” Layer-2 switching system with AI-enabled intelligent, integrated Layer-3 routing capabilities. Radically changing the optical networks at the core of the global internet.


The Luxcore DeNA ™️

Luxcore is the first cloud-data infrastructure platform provider able to scale data compute, data transport and data storage efficiently, securely and cost-effectively to meet the rapid growth of the current and future demands brought on by digital transformation in support of billions of interconnected people globally.

Core Enabling Technologies

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